On Tuesday 10 June 2014 at 5 p.m. a staged reading of the play „God“ by Woody Allen will take place at the Villa Tugendhat and adjacent garden. 

The event is held as part of the Theatre World Festival in Brno, in cooperation with the Husa na provázku Theatre and the Tourist Information Centre in Brno.

Direction: Vladimír Morávek
Costume design: Markéta Sládečková
Stage design: Martin Ondruš
Dramaturgy: Miroslav Osčatka
Special thanks to Alexandr Morávek
The role of God performed by: Boleslav Polívka

It is not always easy to find the correct conclusion. Especially when one decides to ponder upon the topic: Quo vadis? And it may be that it does not help even when "deus-ex-machina" appears a few times.

Whenever Allen ushers in a new character, seemingly unrelated to the others, the entire play comes closer to ultimate absurdity and its plot is gradually collapsing like a house of cards. God is a reflection of the bizarre human life. While: the more that world is dazzling, glittering and whooping, the better for us. All that foolishness then stands out.

May the garden of the most famous Brno building, the Villa Tugendhat,  be swarmed by delusions, may the whole of human existence be expressed through a multitude of allegorical figures throughout the history of the world. May  the garden resound with Rachmaninov, sometimes Tchaikovsky, sometimes Beethoven. May someone be dancing, someone paint something on women‘s bared backs. May all those talents resound one over the other, the glass walls of the most beautiful room in Brno quiver with pressure, while a multitude of flamingos flies across the sky here and there. Transitions from one scene to the next shall be illogical leaps between different worlds, as well as an incredible imagination of timid intellectuals, who are stuck up to their ears in shit...



Tickets for the performance are sold ONLY THROUGH THE PORTAL OF THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE IN BRNO: http://vstupenky.ticbrno.cz/turisticke-informacni-centrum-mesta-brna/titledetail/3573-buh

Ticket price: full price 350,- CZK;

capacity of one performance is 100 persons.

A tour of Villa Tugendhat is not included in the programme.