Updated: 9 October 2020


Dear visitors,

due to the current regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic against the spread of COVID-19, Villa Tugendhat remains closed to the public at least until 25 October 2020. All planned concerts or artistic performances are also cancelled or postponed. Ticket sale for any date remains closed.



  • Tickets purchased for tours in the period 9 – 25 October 2020

Villa Tugendhat is currently cancelling all tickets purchased for tours until 25 October 2020 (the date may change depending on future development). Visitors affected by this restriction will be contacted by our staff at the email or phone number they entered when purchasing the tickets. 

Admission will be automatically refunded in full until October 20 2020 to the account from which the payment was made. In case your ticket was not returned, please contact colleague Dita Šmerdová, email: smerdova@spilberk.cz. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer alternative dates for cancelled reservations.


  • Gift vouchers

The validity of a gift voucher is automatically extended until the end of 2021.


  • Tickets purchased for other events

The accompanying events at Villa Tugendhat, which were due to take place between 9 – 25 October 2020 (even here the date may change depending on the current situation), will take place at an alternative date or will be cancelled. At the moment we're deciding together with the co-organizers of the respektive cultural events. Our employees will contact you via email or phone, which has been registered when purchasing the tickets.


  • Tickets purchased for tours from 26 October and beyond

Depending on the current regulations and situation, entry fees will be automatically refunded for tours beyond October 25 2020. Foreign visitors whose travel will not be possible due to travel restrictions and would like to have their admission returned immediately, please contact colleague Dita Šmerdová, email: smerdova@spilberk.cz.


  • Educational programmes

These are cancelled until at least the end of October 2020. Registered groups will be contacted by Bc. Ludmila Haasová.


  • Suspicion of COVID-19 among Villa Tugendhat staff

In recent days, one of the employees of Villa Tugendhat tested positive for COVID-19. Further procedure is currently coordinated in accordance with the valid hygienic measures, all areas of the building are being completely disinfected these days.


  • Ticket sales for when Villa Tugendhat is open to the public again

Ticket sales for any dates are suspended until further notice. The date of opening the Villa Tugendhat to the public will be announced depending on the development of the situation, respecting the Government of the Czech Republic.


Thank you for your understanding!