30 – 31 August 2020

The last days of summer holidays will be dedicated to the magic of photography at Villa Tugendhat! The traditional Camera Obscura photography workshop will take place here, intended for everyone who wants to explore how a photographic image is created and how to become a photographer for a while.

During the workshop led by experienced tutors Gabriela Kolčavová and Jan Sauer, the participants will make their own cameras (camera obscura), with which they will take photos in the garden and inside of the villa. The darkroom will certainly be an experience; participants will learn to develop their own black-and-white photographs. They will see the magic of creating a negative and then take the resulting photos home. The workshop is designed not only for children but also for adults.



– 2 tins / cans or other boxes of any size which can be closed, for making your own camera. The boxes must be completely light-tight (opaque and well-sealed so that no light can get in anywhere).

– Due to the length of the programme we recommend all participants to bring a snack and / or money to order lunch.



Admission: 2500 CZK / pp

The event takes place on both days from 10 AM.

Capacity is limited, prior ticket purchase required.
Tickets can be purchased online at www.tugendhat.eu from 25 June 2020.
A tour of the villa interior is not part of the programme.



Tel: +420 515 511 015 / 017
E-mail: info@tugendhat.eu


Download the poster here.