On Wednesday, 27 November 2013 at 20:00 and on Thursday 28 November at the same time, Sunset Boulevard (1950) will be screened in the interior of Villa Tugendhat.

A cynical recollection of the movie business with all references and allusions, or a great film looking not only at the dark side of Hollywood dream factory. A brilliantly filmed satirical and sarcastic look behind the stage sets, into the world of fantasy and history, from the smallest and faintest shot or dialogue to the last scene (a beautiful and famous scene of arriving in Paramount Film Studios), all this in the presence of a former star and her futile battle with the transience of popularity. The former silent film star Norma Desmond, yearning for a comeback, a young unsuccessful screenwriter Joe Gillis and the initially mysterious butler Max play out their stories. These three main characters are sufficient for this legendary and highly successful film, probably the best achievement by Bill Wilder in his directorial career.

The film received 3 Oscars out of 11 nominations and will be screened in theoriginal language with subtitles.
Ticket price to the screening is CZK 200,-.

Reserve your ticket at info@tugendhat.eu or at 515 511 015/16.
Sale begins on 1 November 2013.

The capacity of one screening is limited to 30 people.
Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior of the villa.

You can download the poster here.