The actor Oldřich Nový will utter his classic lines, “Zavřete oči, odcházím.” (Close your eyes, I'm leaving) on Wednesday 27 June 2012 on a projection screen situated directly in the main living area in Villa Tugendhat.

Audience members will have the opportunity to view one of the finest films of Czechoslovak cinematography, "Kristián" (1939), at two showings (at 8 pm and 10 pm).

This film comedy directed by Martin Frič was based upon the French theatre play "Kristian". Although the theme of the film was not particularly original, the classic performances and acting by both main actors make "Kristián" a true classic of Czech film.

Entrance fee CZK 200.

The capacity it limited to 30 audience members in light of the size of the space.

High-heeled shoes are not allowed in the interiors.

You can download the poster for the performance here.


We extend our warm invitation.