On Tuesday 10 February 2015, the director of the Villa Tugendhat Iveta Černá received the City of Brno Award from the hands of the Mayor Petr Vokřál. This year, for the twenty-second time, 12 laureates have been awarded (from 54 proposals) in twelve categories from technical and social sciences to sport and merits for freedom and democracy. The award was given among others also to significant haematologist and oncologist and long-time director of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno Jiří Vorlíček or the Brno-born world famous mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená.


Director of Villa Tugendhat, architect Iveta Černá, received the award for architecture and urbanism. Iveta Černá (b. 1963 in Brno) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University in Brno and then worked for fifteen years at the National Institute for Monument Protection – the territorial branch in Brno in the position of guarantor for the city of Brno, where she focused primarily on preservation and restoration of monuments of interwar architecture.

Since 2002, Iveta Černá has been the director of the Villa Tugendhat, which is administered by the Brno City Museum. She had a significant and irreplaceable share on the renovation and restoration of the villa. She represents the Villa Tugendhat, the only UNESCO monument within the City of Brno and the only UNESCO-listed monument of modern architecture in the Czech Republic, at international forums. Along with the Villa she also promotes Brno functionalism which is more and more appreciated in the context of not only European but also global modern architecture. She is the author, co-author and editor of many scientific texts and publications. She is a member of international organizations DOCOMOMO International and ICOMOS. It is also a member of the Organizing Committee ICONIC HOUSES, a global foundation that brings together exceptional residential buildings of the 20th century architecture that are open to the public.