On Friday, 11th November and on Wednesday, 16th November 2011, the site visit took place at the Tugendhat House, attended by the representatives of the City of Brno. The Mayor of the City of Brno, Roman Onderka has been informed about the present situation and progress of work by representatives of monument preservation authorities, the Museum of the City of Brno and UNISTAV, a. s..On Friday, 11th November 2011 at 11.00 the Mayor Roman Onderka took over the revitalised garden which had been, to maximum extent, restored into a state known just after the finishing of the building in 1930.

On Wednesday, 16th November at 13.00 the Mayor Roman Onderka personally started the  historical boiler Strebel and together with media representatives visited the technical floor of the house and the garden. The Mayor expressed his satisfaction with the progress of works which follow the schedule and with the fact that the monument renewal and restoration of the House is drawing to an end. The festive opening of the Tugendhat House is planned for 29th February 2012 and after that the building will be made accessible to the public.