On Wednesday, 29 January at 8 p.m. and Thursday 30th January 2014 at the same time, the living room of Villa Tugendhat will be the venue of another film screening: Blackmail (Her Confession) from 1929.

According to the premiere date, Blackmail is Hitchcock's last silent film. The plot has some obvious features of a thriller, which would be later probably classified as "Hitchcockian." A blond heroine in danger, death by stabbing, escape from the incapable police. The first seconds recall avant-garde metropolitan symphonies by Walter Ruttman or Dziga Vertov - movement, a city, a rhythmic montage. There is no dialogue during the opening eight minutes, the characters only open their mouth. The whole sequence of the capture, interrogation and imprisonment, accompanied only by nondiegetic music, gives the impression of watching a silent film. One can speculate whether Hitchcock deliberately plays with the audience‘s expectation, whether he forces us to ask the question, when will one finally hear synchronized sound.

The film is screened in original version with subtitles.
Thursday‘s screening is accompanied by live music performed by Tom Holič.

Ticket price to the screening on 29 January is CZK 200,-.
Ticket price to the screening with live musical accompaniment on 30 January is CZK 250,-.

TICKET RESERVATIONS AND SALE: info@tugendhat.eu or by phone at 515 511 015.

The capacity of one screening is limited to 30 people.
Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior of the villa.

The poster can be downloaded here.