4 July 2016 at 20.00


A dance and musical theatre performance as a tribute to composer Vítězslava Kaprálová.

Three actors (Irene Bauer, Kamila Valůšková and Martin Dvořák) reflect not only the fate of the composer and conductor Kaprálová, but above all the feelings it inspires. Emotions of Kaprálová’s music affect a new composition by composer Omar Ruiz, as well as the text part by project author Martin Dvořák.

The aim is the blending of all three streams of inspiration: music – text – movement, dance, artists’ expression. Finally it is also about the dramatic line of the represented by an actor and the individual creative choreography potential of the dancers. It is a sort of interconnection of different artistic disciplines which must interact and communicate with each other. Live musical accompaniment is provided by Kostiantyn Tyshko. 

"We can only find the good with open eyes and become strong through experienced evil; be grateful for the beauty that surrounds us, as well as the pain ..."



Admission: 300,- CZK per person

Reservations: info@tugendhat.eu or tel. 515 511 015/017

Prior reservation required, capacity is limited.

Tickets are on sale from 8 June. 

The concept and the wizard of the evening: Martin Dvořák



© photo: Kuba Jíra, Marek Procházka


You can download the poster here.