From Saturday 1 October until Thursday 6 October 2016, repeated screenings of two films by director Rudolf Chudoba about this icon of modern architecture will take place in the technical basement of Villa Tugendhat 

The Fate of Tugendhat, ČR, 52 min, 2012

A documentary by director Rudolf Chudoba captures not only the story of the famous Brno family, but also shows the history of the famous villa and its monument restoration.

Vila Tugendhat – Monument Restoration 2010–2012, ČR, 34 min, 2014

Unique footage and interviews offer viewers an insight into the process of monument restoration, which took place at Villa Tugendhat in 2010–2012.



Admission: 50,- CZK

The price includes an independent tour of the technical basement of the villa and the garden; tickets can be purchased immediately before visiting at the cash desk. Reservation is not required.


This year, Villa Tugendhat joins the celebration of World Day of Architecture for the first time.

We celebrate the festival day of architecture, which has been organized for six years by the KRUH civic association in Prague always on the first weekend in October in sixty cities and towns of the Czech Republic.

The Day of Architecture was designed to open up this field to the general public in a broader context. The organizers also want to point out in interesting and communicable ways the blending of contemporary and historical architecture, while maintaining a highly professional quality. As evidenced by the growing interest of the public, this concept has gained wide popularity.


This year's motto, "Less is more", can be applied to certain neuralgic issues in standards of quality architecture in this country, which will be highlighted in the Day of Architecture programme: Insensitive house renovations not only in the Czech countryside, preference of price over quality in architectural competitions run by cities and municipalities. Organisers of the Day of Architectures facilitate the broadening of public awareness of the importance of responsible attitude of the public wherever people create their surroundings, places to live and work.