After the outbreak of World War II, Villa Tugendhat was confiscated by the German state secret police, becoming the property of the German Reich as of January 1942. The history of the house from October 1939, when it was taken over by the Gestapo, up to the beginning of the 1950s is particularly uncertain as there is a lack of existing written documentation. The property rights and construction situation of the house was described in detail over the years 1940-1950 has been described in an extensive article by Zdeněk Kudělka and Lenka Kudělková. The authors have based their research on the, up until now unknown and only recently processed, sources from the funds of the Moravian Regional Archive, including amongst other things The Housing Tax Return or The Protocol on the State of the House from the year 1945. The article includes reproductions of the plans for Villa Tugendhat from the year 1929 which the Brno City Museum obtained from an anonymous donor in the year 1999.

The article can be downloaded on the Czech version of our web pages.

Zdeněk Kudělka – Lenka Kudělková, New Findings Regarding Villa Tugendhat. In: 57. Bulletin Moravské galerie v Brně (Bulletin of the Morvian Gallery in Brno), 2001, pp. 92-98