The exhibition Traces of Adolf Loos in Brno will take place in the Brno City Museum in Špilberk Castle from the 19th August to 31st October. This exhibition and publication project will thematically build upon the exhibition Adolf Loos – Works in the Czech Lands which was recently organised in the City of Prague Museum. The Prague exhibition will also be on display in Brno, Loos’s home town, along with the new exhibition. 

After the successful restoration work on Villa Müller in Prague, completed in the year 2000, the Adolf Loos Study and Documentation Centre initiated its activities directly in the Villa. The results of their ongoing research work were presented in Pilsen at the international symposium Work and Reconstruction organised in 2003 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of Adolf Loos. The several-year-long systematic research culminated with the exhibition Adolf Loos – Works in the Czech Lands whose author, including an extensive catalogue, was the curator of Villa Müller, Maria Szadkowska. The co-author was the American researcher Leslie van Duzer. Dagmar Černoušková contributed to the research on the work by Loos in Brno and in Hrušovany u Brna with considerations regarding the work of Loos’s father, the Brno sculptor and stone mason Adolf Loos Sr.