The Architect František Kalivoda (1913–1971) ranked amongst the most remarkable figures of Brno culture in the 1930s–1960s. Part of his legacy is stored in the Brno City Museum. His interest in publishing an extensive monograph with the participation of both domestic and foreign specialists can be seen from the systematically accumulated, and during Kalivoda’s lifetime, perfectly sorted documentation concerning Villa Tugendhat (at present, unfortunately, in a fragmentary state) as well as from other indications. Kalivoda was ideal for the job not only due to his specialized knowledge in the area of architecture but also thanks to his remarkable personal contacts as well as his own excellent typographical invention. He was able to implement and realize wonderful projects in various areas of culture, from the publications Brno, the Aroma of One City (1959) and Brno, A City of Labour and Progress (1966) to the organising of international events dedicated to Brno figures such as Viktor Kaplan or Adolf Loos.