The Besední Dům (Community Hall), a social and cultural centre for Czech Brno, was built on the Brno Ringstrasse according to a design by the Viennese architect Theophil Hansen in 1870–73. One of the most harmonious structures embodying the southern dream came about on the property purchased by the industrialist Löw-Beer in 1867, only for the plot to be sold a year later. The sculptor and stonemason Adolf Loos Sr. contributed to the stucco décor of the social hall. The Brno lawyer and regional assembly member Alois Pražák was the major force behind the construction of the Besední dům (Community Hall)  which Theophil Hansen designed on the neighbouring lot of the palace (1872–74) which makes up a city planning and architectural composition along with the Besední dům (Community Hall).