On 26 May 2016, Budapest’s FUGA Centre for Architecture hosted an exhibition opening focused on the Villa Tugendhat. The opening began by short introductory speeches by Ing. Arch. Iveta Černá, director of the Villa Tugendhat, Dr. Ferenc Makovenyi, a board member of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects and Andras Bordas, member of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects. The opening was concluded by a piano performance by Jan Vojtek.

The visit also included two lectures on the Villa Tugendhat, organized as part of the programme of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects General Meeting, held on 27 May 2016. A lecture by the director of the Tugendhat Villa Iveta Černá presented the fate of this important monument of modern architecture and its monument restoration in 2010–2012.  András Ferkai, a leading Hungarian architectural historian, afterwards introduced a reflection on the Villa Tugendhat in European technical literature.

The exhibition, organized in cooperation with the Czech Centre in Budapest and the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, will be on display in the FUGA gallery until 13 June, daily from 10 am to 9 pm. The exhibition also includes screenings of documentaries „The Fate of Tugendhat“ and „Villa Tugendhat: Conservation and Restoration 2010–2012“ by Rudolf Chudoba.