Raymond Neutra, son of the world-renowned architect Richard Neutra, visited Villa Tugendhat on the 2nd of May 2011. The physician and epidemiologist Raymond Neutra along with his wife Peggy Bauhaus accompanied by the Viennese architecture theorist Jan Tabor  were made acquainted with the course of the monument renewal of the Villa. This was particularly of interest for them due to the renewal work being carried out on the residential house with a studio in Los Angeles designed by his father Richard Neutra. Worthy of note is the fact that Richard Neutra, along with Rudolf Schindler, were students at the private Bauschule of the Brno native Adolf Loos prior to World War I. The Czech architect Vladimír Karfík, known first and foremost as the designer of Baťa ‘s Zlín, met with Frank Lloyd Wright in Taliesin and later in Los Angeles along with Richard Neutra. Vladimír Karfík makes mention of two practically concurrent structures in his memoirs which soon after their completion provided a key impulse for Modern architecture of the 20th century: Neutra’s Lovell Health House in Los Angeles and Villa Tugendhat by Mies in Brno.