INSPIRATION 2: Graphic of the Space

The second exhibition in the “Possibilities of Inspiration through Architecture” series, which will present several contemporary artistic approaches to the reflection of architecture, is coming up.

INSPIRATION 2: Graphic of the Space

The main starting point of Petra Gell‘s work is the exploration of possible interactions between space and surface or the effect of colours and compositions on the viewer. She often uses building materials and their colours originally intended for purely pragmatic purposes, which are usually hidden under the façade (e.g. insulation foils and polystyrene). With her site-specific installations at the boundary of graphics/image/object, she intervenes in the architectural space and sets its basic building elements into new relationships. She places the installation space in a specific architectural situation and lets them merge into a coherent composition. Her interventions could thus be described as “spatial graphics” or abstract painting transferred into space; the influence of her previous work, anchored primarily in the medium of painting, is also noticeable.

13. 9. 2022, 6 p.m. opening
14. 9. – 30. 10. 2022 exhibition
20. 9. 2022, 18:30 diskussin by Petra Gell & Bernadette Kreijs

Curator: Neli Hejkalová
Authors of the concept and production of exhibitions: Barbora Benčíková, Ludmila Haasová, Neli Hejkalová (Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre)
Graphic design: Atelier Zidlicky – Marcela Schneiberková
Translation: Kateřina Báňová

The project is realized with financial support of the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic.