DA 2023 | Pavilion A

The Architecture Day Festival, which will take place this year between September 29th and October 5th, will once again invite hundreds of events throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For this year’s 13th edition, the organizers chose the motto “Discover the Constructions!” and will focus on exceptional structural solutions not only with regard to the appearance of buildings but also in historical architecture and architecture of the 19th century and its industrial heritage, as well as buildings of the 20th-21st century. The main architect of the Brno Exhibition Grounds Lenka Štěpánková will have a lecture about the construction development and the future of Pavilion A as part of the accompanying program to an exhibition called Pavilion A – Structure / Space.

DA 2023 | Pavilion A

The exhibition Pavilion A – Structure / Space presents the chronological development of the pavilion’s construction and at the same time presents various aspects of the significance of this monument of modern architecture, which, in addition to its unique structure, is also remarkable for its iconic value.

The fact that the pavilion has served its original purpose throughout its existence has had and continues to have a major influence on its current appearance. On the one hand, partial adjustments to adapt the building to the current requirements of trade fair operations often have a negative impact on the architectural essence of the building, but on the other hand, the authentic use of the exhibition pavilion itself represents part of the intangible cultural heritage and legacy of the twentieth century, which the trade fair industry undoubtedly is.

Capacity is limited, advance ticket reservation required.
Tickets can be reserved online from 18 September.  

The lecture takes place as part of the Architecture Day festival.