Timeless architectural concept, unique design and technical solutions, noble and exotic natural materials, exceptional technical equipment and placement in the landscape – these were the reasons why Villa Tugendhat was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 16 December 2001. Just 15 years ago Villa Tugendhat became the only Czech listed monument of modern architecture and also the only listed monument in Brno.

In the last 15 years the villa has undergone numerous changes, most notably the thorough conservation and restoration in 2010-2012, where the whole building, including its historical garden were brought to a state that corresponds to the original one from the 1930’s. Since its reopening to the public on 29 February 2012, the villa encountered great interest of domestic and foreign public, which does cease even to this day. Just to have an idea, while in 2001 the house was visited by 9200 people, some 15 years later, the same number was reached already in April. Annually, 35 000 visitors pass through its rooms.

Villa Tugendhat as an installed monument of modern architecture offers its visitors not only traditional tour routes, it is a living museum with a wide range of programmes for the public in the form of music, dance and theatrical performances, educational programmes for schools and grammar schools, or regular film screenings, citing the legendary films. The technical basement of the villa is also used as an exhibition and lecture hall, focused on the professional presentations for the public, focusing on modern and contemporary architecture and organized by the Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre. An equally important activity of the Centre founded in 2005, is its publishing: since 2012 they have published 10 titles.