Vila Tugendhat


A project for renewal and reconstruction was prepared in the studio of Kamil Fuchs in the State Institute for Reconstruction of Historical Towns and Buildings in Brno in 1981 (authorial collective: Ing. arch. Kamil Fuchs, Ing. arch. Jarmila Kutějová, Ing. Josef Janeček; co-operation on the interiors Ing. arch. Adéla Jeřábková). The actual realization took place in 1981–85. The investor was the Internal Affairs department of the National Assembly of the City of Brno while the construction work was carried out by the Construction Office of the City of Brno. The building approval of the renewal and reconstruction of the Villa took place on 27th of August 1985 (the approval of the garden in August 1990). Villa Tugendhat served as a ceremonial and accommodation facility for the city government over the years 1985–1993.