Mies van der Rohe


The first daughter of Ludwig Mies, Dorothea, known under the name Georgia van der Rohe, was born on 2nd of March 1914. She was interested in dance from childhood and gained her first training in the art in the school of Isadora Duncan in Potsdam. She later studied under Mary Wigman and after private acting studies in Berlin worked for a number of years as a theatre actress both in Europe and overseas. She began to make films in the middle of the 1960s. She lived for a long period of time in New York and returned to Berlin in 1992 where she died on 10th of December 2008. A second daughter Marianna was born in 1915 and a third daughter Waltraud in 1917. Mies had a son out of wedlock in 1917 in Romania during his military service.

Shortly after the wedding in 1914, Mies designed two projects “house of an architect” preserved only thanks to the publication of two perspectives in the magazine Das Kunstblatt in February 1927. A house in the spirit of “a Classicist villa” came about in Potsdam-Neubabelsberg for the Berlin banker Franz Urbig in 1915–17 which is considered the last of Mies’ pre-war realizations.