The tenement building for Karel Jarušek, operations manager for the Brno newspaper Lidové noviny was built on Palackého street in Brno-Královo Pole in 1909–10. It came about according to a design by the architect Josef Gočár (1880–1945) and ranks among the leading examples of Czech Modern architecture.

A second villa by the architect Leopold Bauer (1872–1938) was constructed in the Pisárky neighbourhood in 1909–11. A key artistic feature of the house are the façades from grey-white “rustic” bricks perhaps reflecting the material aesthetics of the Dutch architect Hendrik P. Berlage. The commissioner of the Villa was the textile industrialist Hugo Hecht. Leopold Bauer designed adaptations and expansions to the Pisárky villa of the well-known Brno printer Rudolf Rohrer (the original commissioner of the house from the 1870s was the three-time Brno mayor and historian Christian d´Elvert) in 1910 and 1914.