Vila Tugendhat


Operations in Villa Tugendhat were relatively stabilised for the first time from the outbreak of World War II as of 1946. the private dancing school of Karla Hladká, a teacher at the Brno conservatory, functioned here as of 1st of August 1945. The courses in dance and rhythm in the Villa were mostly attended by girls, with some boys, of a wide spectrum of ages: from the youngest three-year-old children up to adolescents. After the events of February, the private dance school was disbanded on 30th of June 1950.

Prior to the war, Karla Hladká cooperated with the leading Brno dancer and choreographer Ivo Váňa Psota whose dance school was quite famous. A photograph, from in all probability the years 1946–49, documents the fact that Ivo Váňa Psota himself visited the Karla Hladká dance school in Villa Tugendhat personally.