New tour dates in September and October 2021 on sale from 10.00 on 1 September 2021!

From 10 am on 1 September 2021, in addition to the November 2021 tours, you will also be able to purchase several previously blocked tour dates for September and October 2021.

The villa will be additionally open on the following dates:

Monday 27 September:    open 10.00–18.00;
Tuesday 28 September: open 10.00–18.00;
Wednesday 29 September:
 open until 16.00 (last entry 15.30) – followed by the preparation
of an evening event for the public;
Thursday 30 September: open 10.00–18.00;
Friday 1 October: Villa from 12 AM closed to public due to private rental;
Saturday 2 October:
 open 10.00–15.00 (last entry 15.30) – followed
by the ARCHITECTURE DAY 2021 programme;
Sunday 3 October:
 open 10.00–16.00 (last entry 15.30) – followed
by the ARCHITECTURE DAY 2021 programme;
Monday 4 October: open 10.00–18.00;
Tuesday 5 October: open 10.00–18.00;
Wednesday 6 October:
 Villa Tugendhat is closed to the public due to an international conference
“Birth of a Modern City and Lifestyle Culture of the Long Century”;
16–17 October: open 10.00–18.00.

From 7 to 15 October 2021, Villa Tugendhat will be completely closed to the public due to necessary repairs and regular maintenance of the building, which cannot be carried out simultaneously with tours or visits to the garden. For this reason, any form of tours of the interior or exterior of the building (i.e. incl. the garden) will not take place during this period. Thank you for your understanding!