The third meeting of the ‘Brno Soundboard’ took place on 23 November at the Villa Tugendhat. The meeting had two main themes – A Strategy for Brno and Brno’s Industrial and Historical Heritage. The afternoon was led by the director of the Villa, Iveta Černá.

The Brno Soundboard (BOD) is a discussion platform through which the mayor and councillors receive feedback on important issues of planning and development of the city. The debates are attended by a diverse group of personalities and experts invited by the mayor, who discuss particular topics and formulate recommendations for the city government. The strongest aspect of this discussion format is a diversity of opinions in the group of invited guests: they include architects, engineers, scientists, managers, artists, entrepreneurs, economists, sociologists, and also developers and activists. The number of panellists is not limited, it will continuously change and be supplemented by other personalities in relation to specific subjects.