On Mondays, 4 and 25 November 2013 at 17:00 and 19:30, Villa Tugendhat will feature a special programme called Art in the space.

Evenings spanning across the arts, philosophy and art history will offer visitors four non-traditional meetings with the Villa Tugendhat. The inner and outer space will enter the context of music, art, dance, lectures and discussions with art historians from Masaryk and Charles University.

“The Poem Of A Building”, “A Jump Into Monumentality: Art, Pathos, Passion”, “Ways to the Glass Room And House Of Steel“, „Space of Spirit and Art Photography” – these are the topics that the will lead to non-random encounters with Italian Baroque music, French music of the turn of the century and Czech modernism in Villa Tugendhat.

Capacity: 50 persons
Price: CZK 400
Stiletto heels are not permitted in Villa Tugendhat interiors. 


Ticket sale takes place ONLY at Dům pánů z Lipé and Radniční 2.
Tickets CAN NOT be booked at Villa Tugendhat cash desk.


Tours of the villa will be accompanied by staged dance of Lenka Švandová and “Random Encounters” ensemble in a programme called “Fragments Of Time And Space”. A spatial installation of several photographic images by Libor Teplý, “Thoughts Recorded Through Optics” will come into confrontation with the real space of Villa Tugendhat.
Musical pieces of Italian Baroque, turn of the century France and Czech Modernism for piano and tenor voice will resound in a presentation performed by Ema Jedlička-Gogová, Marek Olbrzymek, Veronika Hejnová and Marie Bobková.

The programmes will include the following lectures:

4/11 at 17:00  – prof. Dr. phil. PhDr. Josef Vojvodík, M.A.:  A Jump Into Monumentality: Art, Pathos, Passion              

4/11 at  19:30  – PhDr. Tomáš Jeřábek:  Ways to the Glass Room And House Of Steel: A Problem of Space from Guarini to Mies van der Rohe 

25/11 at  17:00  – PhDr. Aleš Filip, PhD. : The Poem Of A Building: Modern architecture as a work of art and a work of art in modern architecture 

25/11  at  19:30  –  Ing. Libor Teplý: Space of Spirit and Art Photography

Discussions will be led by:
4 November: PhDr. Tomáš Jeřábek, prof. Dr. phil. PhDr. Josef Vojvodík, M.A., PhDr. Aleš Filip, PD.
25 November: PhDr. Tomáš Jeřábek, PhDr. Aleš Filip, PD., Ing. Libor Teplý.

Performers who are looking forward to meeting you: Aleš Filip, Tomáš Jeřábek, Josef Vojvodík, Libor Teplý, Marek Olbrzymek, Veronika Hejnová, Ema Jedlička-Gogová, Marie Bobková, Lenka Švandová and „Random Encounters“.

The event is organized in cooperation with CHSH o.s.
The project is funded with support from the South Moravian Region.