Michelle Delk, Snøhetta /NO, USA

The Brno City Museum is honoured to present American landscape architect Michelle Delk from the renowned Snøhetta studio in Villa Tugendhat. Based in New York, Michelle Delk is an interdisciplinary designer who creates simple yet powerful designs that strengthen the relationships between people and their environment.

Michelle Delk, Snøhetta /NO, USA

Michelle Delk is a landscape architect and partner at Snøhetta, which combines environmental and cultural sensitivity in all its work. Their well-known projects include the Bibliotheca Alexandria and the new Opera House in Oslo. Based in New York, Michelle’s work is transdisciplinary. Through simple designs, she creates places that strengthen the relationship between people and their environment. She is an active board member of the Urban Design Forum in New York and a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. She lectures at conferences and universities around the world.

„Beyond Boundaries“ lecture

How do we create inspiring places for contemporary life and strengthen connections between people and their environment?

Landscapes are vast and varied, spanning from untamed wilderness to the public spaces within our cities, from the ocean depths to mountain summits. Our journey to comprehend them, once confined to imagination and preliminary mappings continues to reveal unexplored territories. Over time, we’ve imposed boundaries on this land, often segmenting and forgetting its unity and inherent connectedness. Today, we recognize our shared duty to nurture resilience and sustainability as we interact with our environment and acknowledge that we are part of a continuum, intricately connected with the earth and its past, present, and future inhabitants.

Michelle will share how, in her work with Snøhetta, she looks for opportunities to reduce boundaries by going beyond simply creating something new. She embraces the challenge of reusing and transforming spaces to adapt to change by considering not only the physical place but also the social, cultural, and ephemeral aspects of time. By blending design disciplines to merge architecture and landscape architecture, she will share how the principle of adaptive reuse is rooted in the core of the projects. 


The lecture was devised in cooperation with the Prague-based Kruh association, which has been trying to present quality contemporary architecture to the public since 2001 and at the same time to enable a meaningful dialogue between authors and inhabitants of towns and villages.

The 24th  lecture series, entitled Kra/jiná, presents progressive landscape studios and visionaries who deal with new concepts of the use of public spaces, the resilience of landscapes, the return of nature to cities and the promotion of biodiversity. Their projects transform and improve places not only for people’s leisure and recreation, but also for the life of other species and, through appropriate design, help to improve the local climate and air quality.


Admission: 100 CZK / person

The lecture will take place in the main living room, in English without interpretation.
Capacity is limited, advance ticket purchase required. 
Stiletto heels are not permitted in the villa interior.
A tour of the villa interior is not included in the programme.