Meeting Brno: Today We Divide

Two years have passed since November 1989 and the talks of how to organize the new state, which would finally bring the promised bigger autonomy of both parts of Czechoslovakia, are growing. What began as a revision of a mutual relationship is now threatening its existence.

Meeting Brno: Today We Divide

The dialogue between the then Czech prime minister Václav Klaus and president of Slovakia Vladimír Mečiar promises a thrilling duel between two different, yet in some sense similar men. What role did our different histories play in the dissolution of Czechoslovakia? What were we willing to do for the other party in order to stay together? And wasn’t the dissolution really just a matter of both the political leaders’ egos?

Just how the dissolution of the state was decided will be shown in villa Tugendhat, an inseparable part of the event.

Directed by Zetel
Script and dramaturgy by Markéta Špetíková
Translation by Jakub Molnár
Costumes by Eva Jiřikovská
Graphics by Eva Jiřikovská and David Zezula
Production by Vojtěch Horčica and Anna Kočí

Václav Klaus: Marián Chalány
Vladimír Mečiar: Lukáš Rieger
Pani: Marcela Máchová
Drivers: Martin Čermák and Ondřej Špetík