Film screening: Stage Fright

The legendary Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman and Alfred Hitchcock will be your companions at this year's first film screening at Villa Tugendhat. Stage Fright, shot in 1950, is a film adaptation of Selwyn Jepson's novel Man Running.

Film screening: Stage Fright

The story of this film noir begins with the escape of acting student Eve Gill (Jane Wyman) with her friend Jonathan Cooper (Richard Todd), who is accused of murder. Eve overhears Jonathan’s reconstruction of the unfortunate events that led him into this unenviable situation and decides to clear his friend of suspicion. In disguise, she gets herself employed as a maid of theatre star Charlotte Inwood (Marlene Dietrich). Will Eve succeed in her intention? Who is telling the truth and who is lying?

Ticket sale

Admission: 200 CZK / person
Capacity is limited, previous ticket purchase required.
Tickets can be purchased online at from 28 March 2022.
A tour of villa interior is not part of the programme.


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