An interactive 3D Visualization of the Tugendhat Villa offers the opportunity to freely walk through all the rooms of the second and third floors of the villa. Accurate visualizations offer an authentic experience in real time, supported by interactive elements, such as opening windows and doors or various sounds.

Thanks to a detailed monument restoration in 2010–2012,  the condition of the Villa Tugendhat was returned to the appearance from the 1930’s and this is the ambience pictured by the 3D visualization.


The visualization was developed by InterMOCA and is designed for mobile devices, tablets and computers.

The FREE version is free of charge, it presents the majority of the rooms of the upper floor of the house and contains ads. The PRO paid version is free of ads and it features all areas of the third and second floors of the villa. An extension of the model including whole technical basement is in progress. By downloading the paid version you will support both the creation of a full model and the Villa Tugendhat itself.

The application requires a mobile device with at least 1GB of RAM.


A mobile application for Android can be downloaded here:


A mobile application for iOS can be downloaded here:


A version for PCs with Windows and iOS can be downloaded here: