On Monday 16 December 2013, the technical floor of Villa Tugendhat saw the opening of a small „Retrospective Exhibition“, which recalls the 45th anniversary of an exhibition of the works of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the Brno House of Arts. The exhibition in the House of Arts took place in 1968 / 1969 and on 17 January 1969 it was complemented by a lecture evening entitled „Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Creator of Villa Tugendhat,“ with the main guest  being Greta Tugendhat herself, delivering a legendary lecture focusing on the circumstances and the construction process of the villa.

At the opening of the „Retrospective Exhibition“, a book entitled GRETE TUGENDHAT. FRANTIŠEK KALIVODA. BRNO 1968 – 1969 was presented, published in three languages ​​(Czech, German, English) by the Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund. This publication includes among others the full extent of Grete Tugendhat’s Brno lecture in January 1969.