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The renowned Czech theatre director Jan Antonín Pitínský made a film for the staging “PAŘENIŠTĚ (Seedbed)” in Villa Tugendhat on 5th February 2008 which was then shown in Brno HaDivadlo (première 14th February 2008). The Stalinist play by the avant-garde dramatist E. F. Burian (1904-1959) from 1950 is, amongst other things, an example of the dismissal of “the old world” the remains of which disappeared during post-war Czechoslovakia under the layer of socialism. The space of the Villa evokes the atmosphere of intellectual salons which the play was trying to deride.

The release of the publication “UNDER THE SIGN OF THE PARABOLA” dedicated to the history of the Brno exhibition grounds (eds. Jindřich Chatrný and Dagmar Černoušková) took place in Villa Tugendhat on 16th of December 2008.

Simultaneous events

2008 Jan Vaněk

Jan Vaněk

The exhibition “Jan Vaněk 1891-1962. Civilized Housing for Everyone” (curator of the exhibition and editor of the publication Jindřich Chatrný) took place in the Brno City Museum from 18th of May up until... read more


2008 The Publication MATERIALITY

The Publication MATERIALITY

The conference proceedings “MATERIALITY” were published at the end of 2008 with contributions from the conference held in 2006 in Brno (eds. Iveta Černá and Ivo Hammer). It was released by the Brno City... read more