The Parents of Grete Tugendhat

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Alfred Löw-Beer married Marianne Wiedmann (born 2nd September 1882 in Payerbach in Lower Austria) in Vienna on 27th of May 1901.

The so-called Large Villa was built by the Moses Löw-Beer company in Svitávka in 1900-01. The author of the design of the extensive structure of an  almost château character is not known. This to a great extent Art Nouveau structure with Baroque and Classicist elements was surrounded by a large park where five years later the so-called Small Villa was built. The grounds included a greenhouse, beer hives, nine-pin alley and garages and later tennis courts and a swimming pool.


Simultaneous events

1901 The Reisig Villa

The Reisig Villa

Brno was the sixth largest city in the Austrian part of the Monarchy at the beginning of the 20th century (after Vienna, Prague, Terst, Lvov and Graz). An international city planning competition was announced... read more


1901 The Large Villa in Svitávka

The Large Villa in Svitávka

The siblings Rudolf, Alfred and Benno Löw-Beer took over the running of the company at the end of the 19th century. These three brothers married the three  Wiedmann sisters from Vienna: Rudolf with... read more