Stuttgart and Berlin

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The exhibition of the German Werkbund Housing (Die Wohnung) took place in Stuttgart from July to October 1927. 17 architects were invited to build 21 houses with 63 flats at the Weissenhof (Weissenhofsiedlung) housing estate where new trends in domestic construction and housing were presented.

The fashion exhibition was held in Berlin the central theme of which was silk. Mies and Reich presented their concept of “fluid” or “undivided” space here which was further developed in the Barcelona pavilion and in the Brno Villa.

Simultaneous events

1927 Mies and Lilly Reich

Mies and Lilly Reich

This marked the beginning of Mies working and personal relationship with the architect and designer Lilly Reich (1885-1947). Ludwig Mies van der Rohe participated along with her in the exhibition in Stuttgart... read more




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