Son Ernst

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The Tugendhats had Ernst their first son on 8th of March 1930 in Brno. The governess Hedvika Jurečková (Hedwig Juretschka, born in 1897) worked for the Tugendhats from 4th of February 1930, beginning shortly after the birth of Ernst. She was registered at the address Černopolní street 45, that is Villa Tugendhat, as of 9th of December.


Simultaneous events

1930 Completion of the Structure

Completion of the Structure

The construction of the Villa was completed in August 1930 (it was visited and surveyed on approximately 30-31 August by the American architect Philip Johnson). The construction approval was issued after... read more


1930 Villa Müller in Prague

Villa Müller in Prague

The František Müller Villa was completed at almost the same time as Villa Tugendhat in spring of 1930 in Prague according to a design by the architect Adolf Loos (1928-30). This crowning work by Loos with... read more