Preserving Monuments of Modern Architecture

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The National Scientific Conference on Protection of Monuments of Modern Architecture took place in Brno on 23rd – 24th of March 1970. František Kalivoda presented a paper on Villa Tugendhat.

The second meeting of the Association for Restitution of Villa Tugendhat took place in Brno on 24th of April 1970 with the personal participation of Grete Tugendhat and her youngest daughter Daniela.


Simultaneous events

1970 Renewal of the Garden

Renewal of the Garden

Work on the renewal of the garden of Villa Tugendhat was begun in October to November 1970. Unwanted growth was removed and the grass surfaces were recultivated in accordance with recommendations by Markéta... read more


1970 Death of Grete Tugendhat


Grete Tugendhat died on 10th of December 1970 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. read more


1970 Recollections of Mies

Recollections of Mies

A memorial evening about the creator of Villa Tugendhat, the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, took place in the Brno House of Arts on 26th of February 1970. read more




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