Wednesday 28 May at 20.00 and Thursday 29 May 2014 at the same time will feature a film scrreing in the main living area of ​​the Villa Tugendhat, this time it is Cleopatra

The film received five nominations and one Oscar for Best Cinematography in 1935. The plot takes place in the 1st century B.C.. Egyptian queen Cleopatra faces the threat of a Roman attack. She tries to ward it off by seducing Julius Caesar and soon afterwards also Marcus Antonius. Only Octavianus is immune to her charms and vows to persevere in the fight and anect Egypt to the Roman Empire. The blockbuster from 1934 offers a magnificent spectacle, perfect scenery and irresistible dramatic pathos. Fans of the director and this time also the producer all in one person, Cecil B. DeMille (The Ten Commandments) will be excited by seductive costumes, above-mentioned photography and charming choreography.

The film is screened in original version with subtitles.

Ticket price to the screening is 200,- CZK.

TICKET RESERVATIONS AND SALE: or by phone at 515 511 015.

The capacity of one screening is limited to 30 people.
Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior of the villa.

The poster can be downloaded here.