On Monday and Tuesday, 29 and 30 July at 8.30 pm, the next in our series of film screenings will take place in Villa Tugendhat.

The eponymous novel by Gaston Leroux became a draft for a film, ranking among the popular topics adapted for the screen. A Hollywood adaptation from 1925 screened in the Villa Tugendhat has become the most famous version of the silent era. It is an epitome of beauty in image, music and idea at the same time. Phantom of the Opera has a unique atmosphere thanks to the great rendition of the underground. Phantom‘s love for the beautiful Christine expressed in his kingdom beneath the Paris Opera is a clear expression of emotion, the essence of which was the main theme of almost all the films in the silent era. Phantom of the Opera therefore belongs to the top works of its time, because that was what the public wanted.

Tuesday's screening is accompanied by live music.

Ticket price to the screening on 29 July is CZK 200,-.
Ticket price to the screening on 30 July with live musical accompaniment is CZK 250,-.

TICKET RESERVATIONS AND SALE: reserve your tickets at info@tugendhat.eu or by phone at +420 515 511 015.

The capacity of one screening is limited to 30 people.

Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior of the villa.

You can download the poster here.