Following the restoration and reconstruction of Villa Tugendhat that took place in 2010-2012, some new attractions are awaiting the visitors. The tour of the house as an installed modern architecture landmark offers two types of tours: 

The STANDARD tour guides the visitors to all residential rooms in the house.

On the entrance floor also known as "bedroom floor" (3rd floor), you can visit the rooms of the family members in the parents' and children's section. The rooms are newly furnished with exact replicas of the original furniture and textiles. The authentic elements include the restored built-in wardrobes veneered in Palisander in Fritz’s and Greta‘s rooms that are newly fitted with drawer systems based on original documentation. 

On the main living floor (2nd floor)  visitors can view the main living "freely floating" room which is also furnished with exact replicas of the furniture including seating (Barcelona, Tugendhat, Brno and Stuttgart chairs). Another authentic element here is the restored bookcase veneered in Makassar ebony fitted with a liquor cupboard and a humidify chamber as indicated by the original documentation. The curved partition wall at the dining room has been newly reconstructed and renovated. Although it had disappeared from the house as early as 1940, the place of its subsequent use was discovered. Authentic Makassar ebony veneers from Villa Tugendhat have thus returned to their original place after more than 80 years. Replicas of the original equipment are also installed in the adjacent scullery and kitchen.

In the basement (1st floor), visitors can view a newly structured and installed Villa Tugendhat exhibition. It familiarises visitors with the architect, the house owners and the life of the family in the house until 1938 through archived and family photographs and the original design documentation. Exhibits also include a house model and demonstrations of some of the restoration work. The exhibition is complemented with a bookshop where the visitors can buy publications on Villa Tugendhat and Brno architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The TECHNICAL tour offers visitors to roam the residential spaces of the house as well as the exceptional technical facilities in the "basement" (actually 1st floor). It has been preserved in its authentic shape apart from a few exceptions; it has been restored and is fully functional now. The tour covers the air-conditioning engine room with air mixing, filtration and heating chamber. It also covers a boiler room with renovated Strebel boilers, retractable windows engine room, laundry, photo chamber and the "moth chamber". Both tours include a walk around the garden.

Visitors can now purchase also a time-unlimited admission ticket to the GARDEN only. As Villa Tugendhat is open all year round, the garden may be closed for safety reasons if weather conditions are bad.

For more information on entrance ticket booking, purchase and prices, as well as additional information for visitors to Villa Tugendhat, click here.