Museum of the city of Brno and cooperative institutions invites you for international conference INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES AND THE CURRENT RESTORATION OF THE TUGENDHAT HOUSE IN BRNO which takes place on 30th June 2011 at University of Technology in Brno, Faculty of architecture, Poříčí 5.

For about one year the Tugendhat House is being restored. The works are half completed, and when finished in 2012, the Tugendhat House will be open to the public again. This conference gives an opportunity to the public including students, architects, conservators etc. to be informed about the current process and the methods of restoration of the Tugendhat House. At the same time it takes advantage of the presence of specialists in Modern Movement architecture on the occasion of the DOCOMOMO International Specialist Committee on Technology (ISC/T) 5. meeting  in Brno. The conference is designed to contribute to the efforts of the City of Brno and the specialists involved to provide restoration of the highest possible quality at the Tugendhat House. It will discuss the international standards of preservation concerning the technologies used in the architecture of the Modern Movement. 

The invitation can be downlouaded here.