The year 1789 and the Great French Revolution are the main themes of this adventure film, with Alain Delon starring in the title dual role. The film was shot and based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas sen. It brings a story of a mysterious hero who leaves a ‘business card’ in the form of a black tulip after his burglaries in aristocratic residences. The hero is thus anxiously chased by the police, led by Baron Le Mouche. You can see the outcome of this thrilling story in the main living room of the Villa Tugendhat from 20.00.


On 23 September 2015, NDB Ballet soloists Ivona Jeličová and Michal Pimek will introduce  a fragment from Act 2 of the performance ‘Black and White’, Black adagio in a special arrangement for Villa Tugendhat.

Black and White: Swan Lake with a new libretto and modern choreography by Artistic Director of NDB Ballet Mario Radačovský brings the famous story told from the perspective of Prince Siegfried, who goes through a difficult life situation associated with the treatment of a severe disease – cancer. Sometimes a mere second turns life upside down.

Choreograph: Artistic Director of NDB Ballet Mario Radačovský

Black: Ivona Jeličová / Prince: Michal Pimek



Tickets can be booked from 1 September 2015
by e-mail at or by telephone at +420 515 511 015/017.

Admission: 200.- CZK

Prior reservation required, capacity is limited to 30 persons.

Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior.


You can download a poster here 23. 9.

You can download a poster here 24. 9.