Mies in Brno for the First Time

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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, enthusiastic about the layout of the plot of land on  Černopolní street in Brno as well as the high level of Brno architecture and building culture, accepted the commission for the design of a house for Grete and Fritz Tugendhat. He submitted the design to his clients on New Year's Eve of 1928. He was working at the same time on the design for the pavilion of the German Werkbund for the International Exhibition in Barcelona.


Simultaneous events

1928 Meeting with Mies


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe met for the first time personally with Grete and Fritz Tugendhat (still prior to their marriage) in the summer of 1928 when they commissioned a design for a house in Brno. Ludwig... read more


1928 Marriage of Fritz and Grete


Grete divorced Hans Weiss and married Fritz Tugendhat on 30th July 1928 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Fritz's father, Emil Tugendhat, died on 5th December 1928. The new married couple rented a flat in a house... read more


1928 The Exhibition of Contemporary Culture

The Exhibition of Contemporary Culture

The Exhibition of Contemporary Culture, which became a manifesto of the first successful decade of the existence of the independent country, took place in Brno from May to September 1928. The exhibition... read more