Marriage, First Office

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Ludwig Mies opened his first architectural office in Berlin and married Ada Bruhn (1885-1951) from a wealthy Berlin family. He apparently met his future wife in the company of the philosopher Alois Riehl who she would visit accompanied by her fiancé, the renowned art historian Heinrich Wölflin.


Simultaneous events

1913 Löw-Beer Villa

Löw-Beer Villa

Alfred Löw-Beer bought an Art Nouveau villa on Drobného street 22 (earlier Sadová-Parkstrasse) in Brno from 1903-1904 which had been built by the Brno textile industrialist Moritz Fuhrmann. The building... read more


1913 “Belvedere” above Augarten (Lužánky)

“Belvedere” above Augarten (Lužánky)

The builder František Pawlu designed and realized the corner tenement building “Belvedere” which was a key locale in relation to the urban planning on the slope above Augarten (Lužánky). The structure... read more




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