League for Human Rights

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Grete Tugendhat began to work for the League for Human Rights organisation which provided financing and practical assistance for political refugees from Germany after the ascension to power of Adolf Hitler. She worked in this organisation along with Hermine Stiassni. An annual bridge tournament for approximately 100 invited guests took place every year in Villa Tugendhat  from the year 1933 the profits of which were dedicated to the League for Human Rights.


Simultaneous events

1933 Son Herbert


The Tugendhat have a second son Herbert on 24th of February 1933. read more


1933 Lemke House


The Nazis destroyed a monument to Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg at the cemetery in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde in 1933 which had been realized according to a design by Mies in 1926 (K. Liebknecht, born... read more


1933 Hitler's Fascism


Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) came to power in Germany and was named Chancellor by the German President Hindenburg on 30th of January 1933. A year earlier Hitler's NSDAP had taken key positions in the German... read more