Farnsworth House

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Mies designed a weekend house on a secluded wooded site in Illinois for the successful Chicago doctor Edith Farnsworth over the years 1945-51. The initial enthusiasm on the part of the client with the project and the architect's personality culminated in arguments and a consequent lawsuit in connection with the price of the building. The support system of the abstract simple structure consists of eight L-shaped steel columns. It is Mies' final and at the same time most radical domestic design.

The first two apartments on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, which rank among his most important structures in the USA, were built over the years 1948-51. Mies cooperated here with the building contractor Herbert Greenwald creating a model tandem of architect and investor in the USA. The Lake Shore Drive Apartments introduced a range of technical innovations involving the steel construction elements. This solution was later employed by Mies for much taller office buildings.


Simultaneous events

1950 Physiotherapy Gym

Physiotherapy Gym

The building became the property of the Czechoslovak Republic in October 1950 and was assigned to the State Institute for Curative Physiotherapy. read more


1950 Return to Switzerland


The Tugendhat Family returned from Venezuela to Switzerland. read more


1950 Children's Hospital


The first stage of the construction of the Faculty Children's Hospital in Brno on Černopolní street not far from Villa Tugendhat (project Bedřich Rozehnal 1947-48) was carried out in 1949-50. A remarkable... read more


1950 Stalinism


The 1950s in Czechoslovakia saw the liquidation of civil society and its unification. It was a period of political trials, persecution and murders. read more