An exhibition of the life work of  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe took place in the Brno House of Arts from 20th December 1968 to 26th January 1969. A one day conference on the question of Villa Tugendhat took place as part of the exhibition on 17th January 1969, followed by a lecture evening in the House of Arts where Grete Tugendhat gave a talk in Czech regarding the circumstances and construction process of the villa including the interior, material and technical furnishings and the communication between the commissioners and the architect. The architect Dirk Lohan, the grandson of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe whose Chicago studio was prepared to cooperate on returning the Villa back to its original state, also participated in the evening.

After the successful exhibition and conference, the first meeting of the Association for Restitution of Villa Tugendhat took place on 13th August 1969.