Construction of the railway

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The city fortifications were gradually torn down starting at the beginning of the 1830s creating a bastion garden belt; Koliště park becomes the new city promenade.

The first structure linked with the development of Brno's Ringstrasse became the rail-road of Ferdinand I of Austria, Vienna – Břeclav – Brno initiated in March 1836. The construction project was financed by the joint stock company with the decisive ownership in the hands of Salomon M. Rotschild. It was carried out according to a design by Carl Ghega over the years 1837-39 by the Klein brothers.  The impressive viaduct became the pride of the Northern Rails as well as Brno. The track came to an end at the station which was situated directly below the city walls. A trial run from Brno to Rajhrad  took place in November 1838 and on the  7th of July 1839 operations between Brno and Vienna were begun.

Simultaneous events

1839 Svitávka


Moses Löw-Beer built a scouring mill in the town of Svitávka, north of Brno, in 1839 which later evolved into factory grounds. read more