Project of comparative photography, photograph: Daniela Vokounová & David Židlický, 2005

Project of comparative photography, photograph: Daniela Vokounová & David Židlický, 2005


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This comparison of photographs came about through a study of the photography archive of Fritz Tugendhat and the DeSandalo Brno studio and photographs taken by Daniela Vokounová and David Židlický. The comparative photographs were taken at the same place as the period ones and can be consequently made use of during the restoration of the Villa. The photographs were carried out with a large format camera Linhof 9x12 cm with a Rodenstock lens. The collection consists of 12 photographs.

Srovnávací fotografie

We chose the period photographs of Fritz Tugendhat as well as the work of the De Sandalo Brno studio as a starting point in order to capture the condition of Villa Tugendhat 2006–2010 in photography. We are carrying out a number of comparative photographs at selected, carefully chosen, points. The comparison of period photography and photographs of the current state are an excellent source of narrative value for the future. We focus on exact and detailed depiction of photographic reality without the addition of temporal light effects or additional emotional aspects. We carefully observe and explore the issue of the employment of appropriate lenses, both from a construction as well as from a focal distance. We are interested in the inspiration of possible formats of the consequent photography, the cinema film field of the shots by Fritz Tugendhat and the panel film of studio De Sandalo. We explore the effect of light on the space, the appropriate light atmosphere for  capturing certain materials, the suitable means of lighting – where they were placed in the past. We work with the available furnishings of the interior with the furniture placed at the exact period positions. We at the same time make use of the most appropriate classic film and digital technology.
© 2010 Daniela Vokounová & David Židlický