The builder František Pawlu designed and realized the corner tenement building “Belvedere” which was a key locale in relation to the urban planning on the slope above Augarten (Lužánky). The structure came about as a result of the zoning plan of the Viennese native Eugen Fassbender from 1901-02 and to a certain extent evoked the spirit of the Paris quarters at the turn of the century or the Italian, Tivoli style, view points. Grete Tugendhat had her permanent address in the opposite corner house on Drobného street 46 (son Arnold Pawlu, 1908-09) for a certain period of time prior to the completion of the Villa on Černopolní.

Several houses in the spirit of the Viennese geometric Art Nouveau were built in the Žabovřesky neighbourhood near Wilson forest in 1912-1914 according to projects by the architect Valentin Hrdlička (1880-1961). The villa for Jaroslav Štěpán on Krondlova street ranks among the most significant of these.